Bird's Eye View

Bird’s Eye View

Bird's Eye View Description

You begin your journey in Starfell Valley, exploring the land and seeing its sights together with Paimon.

Bird's Eye View Location

Birds Eye View Location

Bird's Eye View Steps

  1. Follow the path
  2. Talk to Paimon
  3. Follow Paimon
  4. Swim to the island in Starfell Lake

Bird's Eye View Rewards


Bird's Eye View Guide

1- Follow the path to Paimon, when you reach the cliff you’ll automatically start talking with her

2- Keep following Paimon to the Starfell Lake

3- Swim to Paimon

When you reach Paimon, you’ll start automatically a story scene, then the quest end.

You will automatically start the next quest: Unexpected Power.

Bird’s Eye View Video

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