Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm Description

The usually-peaceful Mondstadt was suddenly assailed by a dragon. This is the Stormterror that Amber spoke of, and was the gigantic creature that you encountered in the forest earlier.

Dragon Storm Location

Dragon Storm Location

Dragon Storm Steps

  1. Fend off Stormterror
  2. Go to the Knights of Favonius headquarters

Dragon Storm Rewards






Dragon Storm Guide

1- Aim with your cursor at StormTerror and then press the Left mouse button to start shooting. When his health reaches 15% he flees and the battle ends. A story scene starts immediately after you win the battle.

2- Head towards the wall in front of you to glide to the headquarters of Knights of Favonius

3- Move forward and press Spacebar to use your Wind Glider

When you reach the ground the quest ends.

You will unlock the next quest: Knights of Favonius

Dragon Storm Video

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