Forest Rendezvous

Forest Rendezvous

Forest Rendezvous Description

Unexpectedly, the power of Anemo within the statue of the Seven resonated with you. You decided to begin your investigation with the Anemo Archon of Teyvat’s Seven Archons. As such, the first order of the day is to reach the land under the Anemo Archon’s protection: Mondstadt.

Forest Rendezvous Location

Forest Rendezvous Location

Forest Rendezvous Steps

  1. Go to Mondstadt
  2. Advance to the heart of the forest
  3. Investigate what Paimon has found

Forest Rendezvous Rewards




Forest Rendezvous Guide

1- Head towards Mondastadt

2- Head to the heart of the forest

3- Follow Paimon to see what she found

4- Press F to check the Crimson Crystal

After the story scene, the quest ends.

You will unlock the next quest: Wind-Riding Knight

Forest Rendezvous Video

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