Stone Harbor Treasure Journal Guide

1- Check your mail for The “Stone Harbor Treasure Journal” web event then click “Click here to Go to Event”.
2- After finishing the tutorial, click on “Assignment Opportunities” to collect your daily 3 assignements.
3- Do your 3 quests to collect 3 Opportunities every day.
4- As long as you don’t have enough Credit to unlock higher Assignments, keep doing the Dock assignment.
5- Do exactly like the game tutorial, select an assignment partner then click OK (scroll down if you don’t see it).

6- When you have an ongoing assignment, you can see a countdown next to it. You can close the Event window and come later for more assignments.

You can only have one ongoing assignment at a time.

7- When an assignment is completed, you’ll see a gift icon next to it, don’t forget to click on it to claim your credit.
8- When you unlock a new assignment, you can stop doing the old one to speed up the process.

9- When you reach the required credit for the rewards, they’ll be sent to your mail automatically.

You can see reward requirements by clicking on the gift icon on the right side.

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