Wanderer's Trail

Wanderer’s Trail

Wanderer's Trail Description

The god took away your only kin, and you were sealed and cast into a deep slumber. Upon your awakening, you wandered alone for a time until you met a strange companion named Paimon, thus beginning your journey through the continent of Teyvat…

Wanderer's Trail Location

Wanderers Trail Location

Wanderer's Trail Steps

  1. Follow Paimon
  2. Unlock Teleport Waypoint
  3. Go to the foot of the cliff
  4. Climb to the top of the rock face

Wanderer's Trail Rewards


Wanderer's Trail Guide

1- Follow Paimon

2- Kill the Slime

3- Go near the Teleport Waypoint

4- Press F to unlock the Teleport Waypoint

5- Follow Paimon to the cliff

6- Jump to Climb the cliff

After climbing the cliff, move forward to finish the quest.

You unlock the next quest: Bird’s Eye View

Wanderer’s Trail Video

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