Wind Riding Knight

Wind-Riding Knight

Wind-Riding Knight Description

On the path to Mondstadt, you inadvertently eavesdropped on a meeting between a huge dragon and a mysterious figure. As you proceeded with various doubts in your mind, a perky young girl showed up to block your path.

Wind-Riding Knight Location

Wind Riding Knight Location

Wind-Riding Knight Steps

  1. Keep heading to Mondstadt
  2. Use Amber to defeat the airborne slimes
  3. Go to the location designated by Amber

Wind-Riding KnightRewards





Wind-Riding Knight Guide

1- Keep heading to Mondstadt, you’ll automatically start a story scene with Amber

2- Press 2 to switch to Amber

3- Press R to enter aiming mode with Amber

4- Move your cursor to aim at the floating Anemo Slime, then press Left mouse button

5- After killing the Slime, Press R to cancel the aiming mode. A chest should pop-up in front of you.

6- Go to the location designed by Amber

When you reach the location, the quest ends.

You will automatically start the next quest: Going Upon the Breeze

Wind-Riding Knight Video

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